Chamayne Pierce


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As a licensed Real Estate Agent in the Bay Area for the last 11 years Chamayne Pierce has spent her professional career in some capacity of customer/client service and people enablement or realizing their dreams.

With the combination of an undergraduate degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Management and a master’s degree Human Resources Management Chamayne has successfully paired these degrees in a manner that has allowed her to help others in many aspects of personal and business life matters.

Chamayne was led to the world of Real Estate while working in Residential Loan Underwriting. As an Underwriter the conversations about properties began to steer her thinking toward a career in Real Estate. After obtaining her Real Estate license Chamayne then had client service, people enablement and now underwriting in her background.

Her initiation into Real Estate came pretty easy as she had already been involved in both purchase and refinance transactions. Chamayne takes on every business opportunity by seeking first to get to know her client and her clients’ needs as she is most concerned with clients being informed purchasers.

Chamayne believes “knowledge is power” and therefore spends whatever time it takes to educate her clients about the market, about the different types of mortgage loans and also helps them to determine how to budget for a mortgage.